This area has printable/downloadable information to help you better understand how the PBSerum products work and how to use them.   

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PBSerum Product Information

PBSerum Enzymes

This is a description of the four bio-genetic enzymes that are the foundation of our PBSerum Products.


Print/Download – PBSerum Enzymes

PBSerum Products Summary

This is a list of the PBSerum Products, what they are recommended for, and what are their benefits.


Print/Download – PBSerum Products Summary

Applying The PBSerum Body Line Tips

This is a downloadable/printable body line tips page to help you in applying body treatments.


Print/Download – Applying Body Line Tips


Benefits Of Using Ultrasonic

This is a downloadable/printable file on using a Slimming Ultrasonic Machine when applying body treatments.


Print/Download – Benefits Of Using Ultrasonic

Protocal Handbook – Face

This is a downloadable/printable protocol file to help you in applying facial treatments.


Print/Download – Protocal Handbook – Face

Protocal Handbook – Body

This is a downloadable/printable protocol file to help you in applying bodytreatments.


Print/Download – Protocal Handbook – Body

PBSerum Efficacy Studies

This is a downloadable/printable study conducted by ZURKO Research Laboratories on the efficacy of our PBSerum products.


Print/Download – PBSerum Efficacy Studies