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Only Certified Professionals Can Legally Purchase PBSerum Cosmeceuticals In The United States!!!

Cosmedika USA PBSerum Certification gives you:

  1. The right to legally purchase PBSerum directly from Cosmedika USA or one of our licensed distributors. Cosmedika USA is FDA approved to import PBSerum which means bringing PBSerum into the USA outside Cosmedika USA equates to violating federal import laws.  This more than likely voids any personal or salon/shop liability insurance you have.
  2. Coverage by our product liability insurance if something negative were to happen related to the product. 
  3. Assurance you are getting “Real PBSerum Product” and not some cheap knock off or imitation product. Like all great brands and products, there are fake imitation or bait and switch PBSerum products found all over the Internet.

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Cosmedika USA now makes HD Facial Skin Products Available

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Cosmedika Licensees can purchase HD products at wholesale prices to retail to their customers.  Followed after PBSerum Cosmeceutical Facial Services, these use at home products offer a wonderful solution to help maintain beautiful, healthy looking skin.

In order to purchase these products at wholesale prices, you must be a Cosmedika USA Certified Licensee (PBSerum Certified).

Subject to approval by PayPal Credit, you can purchase PBSerum Certification now and pay later.  To apply for PayPal Credit, click the Pay Later option during the checkout process.

To purchase a certification course, you must first create a Student Account and log in.

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The Tools and Forms area is where you will find information to help you better understand PBSerum Cosmeceuticals.  To view much of this information, you must have an eLearning account.  Click HERE to get to the Tools and Forms area.

Example Of PBSerum Potential

This is an actual client of PBSerum.  The after photo was taken four days after the first application.


After (4 Days Later)

Only Certified Professionals Can Purchase PBSerum Cosmeceuticals In The United States!!!

Cosmedika USA, Inc. now makes PBSerum Cosmeceuticals available in the United States.  With head offices in Madrid-Spain, PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are present in over 33 countries worldwide, with millions of satisfied customers. PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with the efficacy of a drug without being a drug, which greatly increases their efficacy and guarantees visible and rapid results, from the very first application. All Cosmedika USA’s products contain unique active ingredients, developed over years of biotechnological research in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmedika USA’s goal is to educate both Skin Care and Health Care professionals on using PBSerum Cosmeceuticals on their clients and patients. Through our eLearning Academy (Cosmedika USA Training), we offer facial and body Certification Training Programs for beauty, barber, and esthetician professionals in the United States.  These certifications allow you to purchase PBSerum Cosmeceuticals from Cosmedika USA, Inc. to use on your clients.

In addition, we provide certification for physicians and nurses located in the United States to purchase and use our PBSerum products.  PBSerum Medical (coming soon to the United States) is a new and innovative line of esthetic products specialized for the treatment of pathologies associated with fibrosis and can only be applied by a licensed physician or nurse.

Become a Cosmedika USA Skin Care Specialist

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A Cosmedika USA Skin Care Specialist is an advanced skin  care expert
who is exclusively certified to purchase and use
PBSerum Cosmeceuticals and PBSerum Medical in the United States.

There are three areas of certification: Facial, Body, and Medical.

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If you enjoy helping others to look and feel their best, then PBSerum products is an excellent place to start. Cosmedika USA Online Learning is designed to certify cosmetologist barbers, and estheticians to purchase and use PBSerum Cosmeceuticals within the United States.  Cosmedika USA Online Learning is also designed to certify physicians and nurses to purchase and use PBSerum Medical within the United States. 

In order to purchase products from Cosmedika USA, Inc., you must be certified (licensed) with Cosmedika, USA, Inc.   There are currently three certifications: Facial, Body, and Medical.

*Facial Certification is available to licensed barbers, cosmetologists, and estheticians.  Only facial skin products (facial line) can be purchased.

*Body Certification is available to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.  Only body skin products (body line) can be purchased.

**Medical Certification is only available to licensed physicians and nurses.  Facial, body, and medical products can be purchased.

*Note: Licensed cosmetologists and estheticians can get certified for both Facial and Body.
**Medical Certification Coming Soon.

Our certification courses are designed to help you gain knowledge necessary for the practical application of PBSerum Cosmeceuticals. Our online study platform works with all desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  This means you have access to our courses anytime, anywhere, with any device that has an Internet connection.

Barbers, Cosmetologists, and Estheticians

We want you to get excited about getting certified to purchase and use PBSerum Cosmeceuticals in the United States. To be most successful with PBSerum Cosmeceuticals, you need to know these products backwards and forwards, from top to bottom.

Our online courses aim for high quality in subject assessment, instructor support, hybrid learning, as well as flexibility of content.  With our online instruction, you will:

  • Get familiar with PBSerum Cosmeceuticals
  • Be prepared to use PBSerum Cosmeceuticals on your clients
  • Focus your attention on key topics to help you succeed with PBSerum Cosmeceuticals
  • Take advantage of our staff’s guidance and assessment

PDO Threads Practical Course For Physicians, PAs, and NPs Only

PDO Threads Facelift Practical Course For Physicians, PAs, and NPs
(Cost: $5,000)
Dates And Location To Be Announced

  • This course is for Licensed Physicians only
  • Space for this high in demand course is very limited!
  • Purchase our Medical Threads Class today to reserve your spot while there is still room!

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