November 21, 2020 HD Product Webinar Recording

Watch This Video To Learn More About HD Products

Roadmap to purchasing and selling HD Products

Step 1 – Get Started

  • Enroll in a certification program by creating a Student Account and purchasing one of the Cosmedika USA Skin Care Specialist certification course(s) – Facial and/or Body (Purchase Course).
  • Sign the PBSerum Certification Agreement found in the Tools and Forms area (you must be logged into your account).  Note: the PBSerum Certification Agreement must be signed to gain access to the online store and to purchase HD Products at wholesale prices.

Step 2 – Purchase HD Products From The Online Store

  • Log into your online store account at the Cosmedika USA, Inc. website ( to purchase HD Products at wholesale prices.  Note: HD products can only be purchased at the online store.
  • Purchase HD “use at home” products as a wonderful solution for your clients to help them maintain beautiful, healthy looking skin between and after PBSerum sessions.

Step 3 – Sell HD Products To Your Customers

  • Buy HD products at wholesale prices and sell them to your clients at retail prices to provide yourself with an additional source of income.

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