Cosmedika USA’s mission is to provide educational and commercial opportunities for advanced skin specialists throughout the United States.

Cosmedika USA now makes PBSerum Cosmeceuticals available in the United States.  With head offices in Madrid-Spain, PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are present in over 33 countries worldwide, with millions of satisfied customers. PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with the efficacy of a drug without being a drug, which greatly increases their effectiveness and guarantees visible and rapid results, from the very first application.  All Cosmedika USA’s products contain unique active ingredients, developed over years of biotechnological research in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmedika USA’s goal is to educate both skin and health care professionals on using PBSerum Cosmeceuticals on their clients and patients. Through our eLearning Academy (, we offer PBSerum Cosmeceutical facial and body certification training for barber, cosmetology, esthetician, and medical professionals in the United States.  These certifications allow licensees to purchase PBSerum Cosmeceuticals from Cosmedika USA to use on their customers.

Through our PBSerum Cosmeceutical Training Center Partner Program, Cosmedika USA is ready to partner with a select number” of schools and apprenticeships to train barber, cosmetology, and esthetician students and professionals with a hybrid education that involves:

1.  Online Curriculum
2.  Practical Instruction

Upon successful completion of our training program, the newly certified Cosmedika USA Skin Specialists trained through your business will be thoroughly prepared as PBSerum Cosmeceutical specialists, with the confidence and expertise to earn new avenues of income with products proven to work within an expanding market.

Our Cosmedika USA Skin Care Specialists will become highly valued experts in the skin care industry, and Cosmedika USA aims to supply their businesses with a long-lasting partnership that helps them earn more money than ever before!


Print/Download The Introduction Pamphlet

Training Center Application

If you are interested in your school or training center becoming a Cosmedika USA PBSerum Cosmeceutical Training Center, you need to complete an application so we can see if your school or training center meets the Cosmedika USA PBSerum Cosmeceutical Training Center standards.   

PBSerum Training Center Application

Instructor Tools

If you are already approved to become a training center or have completed the Instructor training, the following button will take you to an area that has tools to help certified instructors run their training program.

PBSerum Instructor Tools