Cosmedika USA, Inc.

Our Mission

Cosmedika USA is committed to teaching equipment and fitting proficiency related to the Cosmedika USA PBSerum Cosmeceuticals.  By introducing these products to licensed cosmetologists, barbers, and estheticians, we will improve their financial success with a long-lasting Cosmedika USA partnership and their educational standing as skin care experts. Our Cosmedika USA Skin Care Specialist will earn their specialization through a blend of hands-on training and theory reinforcement.

Company History

Cosmedika USA, Inc., conveniently based in Southern, California, is backed by a company with years of experience in the skin care business. Our goal is to provide regular people in the United States with better, resilient looking skin.

Cosmedika USA’s values are firmly rooted in good logistics and in-depth education. Our business imports PBSerum Cosmeceuticals from Spain.  Cosmedika USA believes quality-manufactured products deserve to be delivered on time and their proper usage taught by top educators.

Cosmedika USA Certified Skin Care Specialists become experts in the skin care industry. As we educate cosmetologists, barbers, and, estheticians about our techniques and product line, Cosmedika USA Certified Skin Care Specialists in turn can educate their clients about what causes skin problems and what viable solutions are available.

Cosmedika USA concentrates on skin care solutions.