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  1. Cosmedika USA is FDA approved to import PBSerum. Bringing PBSerum into the USA outside Cosmedika USA equates to violating federal import laws.
  2. By being certified through Cosmedika USA, you are covered by our product insurance. Buying PBSerum outside of Cosmedika USA means you are NOT covered if something were to happen.
  3. Through Cosmedika USA, you will avoid imitation products. By obtaining your PBSerum directly from Cosmedika USA, you know you are getting the “Real Product” and not some cheap knock off or fake product.

In order to purchase products from us and gain access to the online store (, you must purchase a certification course and digitally sign the PBSerum Certification Agreement.  In order to purchase certification, you must be a licensed Physician, Nurse, Barber, Cosmetologist, Esthetician, or a beauty/barber student working to get licensed in their state.

Students working to become licensed to perform professional services can only purchase PBSerum Products for personal use and instructional/training purposes (They cannot legally charge for services until licensed in their state). 

To purchase your course online:

1. You must first create a student account (“Create An Online Account“).
2. Log into your student account.
3. Follow the Purchase A Course link. 

Online purchases can be paid immediately by credit or debit card.  Instantly, you will receive access to your online course.

On completing the online purchase process you will have immediate access to your course.

  1. Go to using your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome)
  2. Click “My Account” from the Main Menu and click the “Login” option if not logged in.
  3. Once Logged Into Your Account:

    A. From your Account Dashboard click the Courses tab
    B. Click the Purchased sub-tab
    C. Click the All option
    D. Click on your course

 Note: On small screens (e.g., smartphones) you may see only icons for your choices, not the text.

To get your certificate, you must:

  1. Sign the digital agreement.
  2. Complete your online course.

You have access to the courses you have purchased indefinitely as long as your account is in good standing.

No, you can visit it at any time, wherever you are. Each course is made up of a number of individual lessons and quizzes which enables you to complete it in your own time when convenient to you. However, to receive your certificate, you must complete your course.

No. Your course cannot be transferred to anyone else.

If you forget your login details go to the “My Account” page and click “Login Or Other Issue”.  There will be an option to request a reset to your password.

Usually it takes 3 to 5 business days for us to get it off in the mail to you.   

You have three options to purchase PBSerum Products once you are certified:

  1. The quickest and most convenient way to purchase product is to go to (our online store). Here you can place orders, track your orders, view purchase history, and more!
  2. Placing a phone order with our product distribution center (Jazz-Z Beauty) by calling 562-698-2900. You will need your certification number (BGST ID #) on hand each time you place an order.
  3. Stopping by our product distribution center (Jazz-Z Beauty) to make an in-person purchase at 2300 Pellisier Place, Suite B – City of Industry, CA 90601

1. You can submit your number to us via email at if you have not yet done so (i.e. when you registered as a student or by updating your Student Profile).  We will update your Student Profile and verify the number with your state of issue.


2. You can update your License Number from your Student Dashboard. Click the Profile tab, click Edit, and then enter your Professional License Number. Click Save Changes to update your profile.  We will verify the number with your state of issue.

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