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Recommended to treat: Advanced orange peel and Rebel fibrous cellulite (Body)

PBSerum Smooth Topic

Recommended to treat: Wrinkles, Dry and dehydrated skin, and Dry and wrinkled skin (Face)

Wrinkle Hyaluronic Complex

Recommended to treat: Oily skin, Minor irritations, and Acne tendency (Face)

Renewal Multi Vit Complex

Recommended to treat: Localized fat and Adipose cellulite (Body)

PBSerum Slim Topic

Recommended to treat: Dull skin and Superficial blemishes (Face)

Renewal Vit Radiant Complex

Recommended to treat: Advanced facial flaccidity, Skin firmness and elasticity loss, and Wrinkles (Face)

Extreme Firmness Complex

Recommended to treat: Aged skin, Spots and scars, and Sun damage (Face)

Renewal Vit Equilibrium Complex

Recommended to treat: Liquid retention and Edematous cellulite (Body)

PBSerum Drain Topic

“Keratinase PB333” enhances the efficacy of the other product components, multiplying their penetrating capacity by four. Found in:

All five PBSerum facial products

“Collagenase CoL GH PB2200” enzyme dissolves adipose nodules in advanced cellulite. Found in:

PBSerum Smooth Topic

“Hyaluronidase PB3000” enzyme breaks the polyssacharids of any excessive concentration responsible for the accumulation of fluids. Found in:

PBSerum Drain Topic

“Lipase PB500” enzyme dissolves locally accumulated fat. Found in:

PBSerum Slim Topic